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Sealed Air Fill Air Rocket

Sealed Air Fill-Air Rocket is an on-demand air pillow system that has accessories designed to meet a wide range of needs for void-fill of any size. Simple operation, minimal maintenance, consistent performance.

  • This unit dispenses 100ft per min of inflatable air pillow, the fastest in the industry
  • Sealed Air Fill-Air Extreme and Fill-Air Extreme Efficiency films are used with this unit
  • Various accessories available
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Sealed Air New Air IB Flex

Sealed Air New IB Flex system is ideal for those application requiring the frequent use of bubble wrap but is short on storage space for traditional rolls of bubble wrap..

  • Small Footprint
  • Options available of size, pouch, strength or customizable options
  • Film Options
    • Bubble wrap IB Flex Small, Medium, Large, and XL Regular and Premium Bubble wrap
    • New Air IB Expressions
    • New Air IB Expression Logo-zone
    • New Air IB Quilt
    • New Air IB Hb 160
    • New Air IB Flex Pouch

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Sealed Air IB Flex Bubble Pouch

On demand inflatable bubble bag made by Sealed Air, using  their Bubble Barrier technology.  This pouch saves time, material and money.

  • Increase packing speeds by 20%
  • Optimize material usage by 50%
  • Save up to 80% of storage space
  • Available in several bubble heights and pouch sizes

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Storopack AirPlus Mini System

STOROpack AIRPlus Mini System is one of the simplest void fill machines to use. This unit is able to run all of STOROpack's void fill airbags as well as cushioning film.

  • 40 feet of void fill material per minute
  • Small footprint and portable
  • Multiple modes of operation
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