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FoxJet LS6000 & LS4600 Print & Apply Label Applicators
FoxJet LS6000 and LS4600

The FoxJet LS6000 and LS4600 all electric label printer applicators from Delaware Valley Packaging Group are all electric - offering some of the most flexible labeling solutions on the market with the greatest value. These systems are fully electric and require no shop air. This means significant energy and cost savings as well as the ultimate in portability. Built-in sensors and logic ensure precise label placement and prevent mis-matched labeling sequences. The clutch-less liner take-up system, low friction surfaces and no-stick label surfaces provide reliable and easy operation. User interface is a breeze with the easy-to-read full color display that offers built-in features to save time, such as diagnostics without the need of a multimeter. With rugged steel and aluminum construction, they are tough enough for three-shift operation in the most demanding conditions. And the LS6000 and LS4600 integrate easily into your shop floor with advanced interface features.

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FoxJet LS4750 Label Applicator

FoxJet's LS4750 all-electric label applicators from Delaware Valley Packaging Group save energy and reduce costs. The brushless servo motor drives exact label dispensing to achieve precise label placement, providing a reliable label applicating solution for a variety of substrates. Web the applicator easily with labels and reduce mistakes with the independent rewind feature that is clutch-less and requires no adjustments. The smart sensing system detects missing labels at the peel point and advances the web to prevent double feeds and missed products, improving your throughput. And the line speed encoder allows for accurate label placement even if your line is not running at a consistent speed. The LS4750 features an intuitive user interface with color touchscreen that provides real-time reporting and diagnostics. And since no compressed air is needed, you can easily move the machine to where you need it.

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FoxJet LS4150 Label Applicator
FoxJet LS4750

FoxJet's LS4150 from Delaware Valley Packaging Group is a compact automated labeler that offers high-end features for the value-minded customer. Designed for lower throughput applications, the LS4150 utilizes high quality components such as a durable stainless steel peel blade, an accurate and reliable brushless servo motor and patent-pending rewind drive system that has no drive rollers which helps maximize uptime. The system is easy to use, providing simple wipe-on label capability without the need for pneumatic air hookup, allowing for the easy portability. The LS4150 comes with built-in diagnostics and easy-to-read LED display for simple user interface and on-the-fly setting changes.

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Loveshaw LX-800T Print & Apply Label Applicator

Delaware Valley Packaging Group is proud to offer the Loveshaw LX-800T label printer applicator. This easy-to-use labeler is designed for 24/7 operations. The simplified control panel make set-up and operation a breeze. The system features an isolated rewind shut-off which allows users to thread labels without powering down the unit, diminishing downtime. The automatic stroke adjustment and easy-to-read vacuum and pressure gauges help to keep you up and running with no hassle. The LX-800T is built with quality in mind with a strong cast aluminum frame with fewer individual parts and stainless steel blow tube. Applicator pads are customizable to meet all of your labeling requirements.

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Loveshaw LX-500P Label Applicator

The easy to use LX-500P from Delaware Packaging Group is a compact and versatile label applicator that can be oriented for top, side or bottom labeling. It is built around a brushless DC Servo motor for accurate and dependable label dispensing. This system is idea for labeling applications that require maximum uptime and high repeatability. The LX-500P’s solid components including a durable stainless steel peel blade and drive system that has no rollers, offer true reliability. And set-up and operation are easy with the built-in diagnostics and easy-to-read LED display. Now available in a wider version for maximum label width of 6 inches!

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Label Mill Labeling Equipment
Label Mill

The Label Mill series of label applicators and printer applicators from Delaware Valley Packaging Group are available in a number of configurations to suit your labeling requirements. What was considered custom for many labeler manufacturers is now standard with Label Mill’s robust offering of solutions that include blow-on, tamp, wipe-on, corner wrap and adjacent panel labeling solutions. The Label Mill printing and application systems provide superior user interface making set-up and operation intuitive and easy. And with several I/O points, integration into your production process is a breeze. Delaware Valley Packaging Group features models 1510 and 3510, but are a fully authorized Label Mill distributor with access to all of Label Mill's labeling equipment solutions. We can satisfy your label printing needs!

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Tabletop Label Printers
tabletop label printer

Delaware Valley Packaging Group offers an array of stand-alone, tabletop thermal transfer and direct thermal label printers from the industry’s top manufacturers: SATO, Zebra and Datamax. Applications include:

  • Asset Management
  • Cross Docking
  • Inventory Management
  • Receiving/Shipping
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Work-in-Process Tracking
  • Compliance Labeling
  • Information Labels
  • Order Labeling
  • Quality Control
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