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Autobag PaceSetter PS125

The table top Autobag PaceSetter PS125, brings you the quality you need, at a pricing level you want. This machine is ideal for low-to mid volume production environments.

  • Processes 25 bags per minute
  • Quiet, all-electric design
  • Small footprint
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Autobag 550

Autobag 550 Bagging System is an advanced technological automatic filling and sealing machine, that is reliable cost effective system, with a simple design. Capable of cycle speeds of up to 45 bags per minute.

  • SimpleCount Counting System
  • Easily integrates with system for mail order fulfillment applications
  • Air Feed necessary
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Autobag 850S

The Autobag 850S ecommerce Fulfillment System brings the next evolution of high quality and reliable mail order fulfillment packaging.

  • Capable to run bags up to 22" wide
  • Safe Operation, no bulky guarding needed
  • Bag opening technology of up to 11" x 11"
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FAS Sprint Revolution

Transforming Food packaging, the FAS Sprint Revolution, can satisfy the most demanding high productivity requirements, while maintaining the necessary washdown requirements.

  • Operates up to 900 inches per minute
  • 60" wide load area, capable to accomodating 2 operators
  • Airtight 3/8 bag seals
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