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Orion Sentry

The Orion Sentry Semi-Automatic stretch wrapping system is an entry level, turntable style stretch wrap machine.  Designed for efficient unitization using the least amount of stretch film, while securing the material for safe delivery.    User friendly controls for ease of use.  All steel construction, heavy-duty components and reliable electronics assure trouble-free operation for many years.            

  • 200% Powered pre-stretch with variable speed and adjustable film tension
  • Automatic load height sensing for varying height loads
  • 1 year warranty on all components

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Orion Flex S Series

The High profile Standard HPS and Low Profile Standard (LPS) have been designed to deliver the same quality, durability, reliability, and performance as all of Orion’s Flex Series machines, but at an affordable price.  The Orion Flex S includes the proven InstaThread film delivery system which elongates your stretch film 260% prior to delivery to the load. The InstaThread features an ultra-sensitive corner compensation mechanism to assure that film tension around the entire load is consistent which improves load stability.

  • Easy to operate
  • Instathread delivery system that elongates your stretch film 260% prior to delivery to the load
  • 3 year warranty

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Orion Flex D Series

The Orion Flex D series will give you all of the features you need to wrap pallet loads quickly and efficiently, saving a significant amount of stretch film.   With a 15 RPM variable speed with slow start, and full surround deck making loading easier. The Orion Flex D is offered in both high and low profile models and comes standard with a 5,000 pound maximum load weight capacity and 260% powered pre-stretch gears.

  • Several ADD ON items available
  • Belt film carriage life with obstruction detection
  • 5 year warranty
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Orion Rotary Tower



Orion’s Flex Rotary Tower maximizes efficiencies for material and labor.  Because the wrappers rotate the film carriage around a stationary load, this Flex RTD Series has no maximum load weight capacity.

  • State of the art control center
  • Heavy duty Chain & Sprocket drive
  • 4 year warranty on all Major Components

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Arpac Pro-Series Stretch Wrap Systems

Arpac’s Pro-Series semi-automatic stretch wrap systems is one of the most popular and cost effective systems in the market.   A new ergonomic sturdy design, with chains enclosed in the tower frame, ensures safer operation.     

  • Maximizes stretch film usage while ensuring the vest load unitization
  • Customizable with accessories
  • EZ LOAD Powered Pre Stretch 150-300%, 200% standard

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Arpac Sidewinder 4 Stretch Wrap Systems

The SIDEWINDER 4 Stret wrap system is a heavy duty semi-automatic stretch wrap system designed to maximize material usage while ensuring the best load unitization. Constructed with heavy gauge reinforced structural steel guaranteeing it years of reliable service. This unit can be customized with extended towers for taller loads.

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • User Friendly, Maintenance Free
  • Replaces expensive hand wrapping
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Arpac Wrap-N-Weigh Stretch Wrap Systems

The Arpac Wrap-N-Weigh system is available for all of the ARPAC stretch wrapper models.  This alternative feature combines wrapping and weighing into one operation.  Unit has an easy to read LED Display.

  • Network Addressable
  • Can be used with High or Low profile systems
  • Customizable

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Highlight Revolver Orbital Wrapper

The Highlight Revolver Orbital Wrapper can wrap most any length and shape production into various configurations.  You select the number of wraps per band or continuous wrapping for full film coverage on your product.  This unit can custom designed to fit your unique packaging needs-speak to a Delaware Valley Sales Specialist today!

  • Available in Manual, Semi-automatic, and fully automatic systems
  • Wide Range of sizes available

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