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Interpack USA 2024 Carton Sealers

This side belt driven, Interpack USA 2024-SB Case Sealer is an uniform semi-automatic carton sealing machine.  It can be used with left or right hand operation, seals both tops and bottoms of the carton, and is designed for running in a "batch" mode, resulting in minimal change over time.  This product is only offered by authorized distributors of Intertape Polymer Group.

  • Heavy Duty Construction can handle 24/7 operation
  • Dual Mast for maximum processing stability
  • Offset tape heads can process cases as low as 3.5" tall with option as low as 2"

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Interpack RSA 2024 Carton Sealers

RSA 2024-SB was the Top Seller for Intertape in 2017.  This random case sealer is designed for batch mode with minimal change over time. It can handle cartons 3.5" and has the option to go to 2". This product is only offered by authorized distributors of the Intertape Polymer Group.

  • Automatically adjusts for each size case processed
  • Top & bottom seal or bottom seal only
  • Heavy Duty Design can process cartons as much as 85 lbs

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Interpack Auto H20 Carton Sealers

The Interpack Auto H20 auto dispensing water activated tape machine is perfect for high-recycled content corrugate cartons and large volume fulfillment centers.  Closing cartons with water activated tape is faster and easier than ever before!

  • It is the only Auto Water Activated Tape Machine in the market today
  • Uniform semi-automatic sealer
  • Can use up to 4500' tape rolls for fewer changeovers
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Loveshaw LD-Xss RTE Carton Sealers



The Little David LD-Xss RTE is ideal for the ready-to-eat and food processing industry that require extra precautions to eliminate bacteria.  Offering a heavy duty stainless steel design and quick changeover make it perfect for wash down environments.  

  • Angled surfaces maximize water shedding
  • Open design ensures all contact surfaces can be sanitized
  • Nema 4 Electrical Enclosure option available

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Loveshaw LD-19SB Carton Sealers

Small boxes?  No problem!  The Loveshaw LD-19SB Case Sealer semi automatic uniform carton sealer can handle box heights as low as 2.5" and as narrow as 3.25".

  • Requires only 2 adjustments for set-up
  • Side belt system with single mast design
  • Ideal for processing small boxes

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Loveshaw LDX-RTB Carton Sealers

The Loveshaw LDX-RTB semi automatic case sealer is reliable, can handle the toughest high volume and speed production, and requires minimal adjustments to continue sealing void-filled containers and over-stuffed cartons. 

  • Can process cases up to 80% faster than any other case sealer
  • User can operate from either side with movable controls
  • Robust design and components for high volume environments
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Loveshaw SP-304 Carton Sealers

Loveshaw's SP-304 Case Sealer machine is side belt driven, offers simple operation, resulting in less operator training time.  This machine folds bottom flaps and one upper flap while sealing to reduce the operator's repetitive motion while increasing productivity in your operation.

  • Simple operation improves productivity
  • Seals top and bottom of uniform box sizes
  • Also available in bottom seal only design, an affordable option to a case erector

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Loveshaw LD 16A Carton Sealers

The Loveshaw LD-16A is an assembly line workhorse, with the flexibility to run 24/7/365.  This is a fully automatic top and bottom sealer, has minimal changeover time, and can handle box lengths up to 77" with no problem.  

  • Capable of taping random box sizes
  • Safety doors shut down the system when opened
  • Offers immediate labor savings, generating quick return on investment

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SoCo T-10 Carton Sealers

The SOCO-T10 carton sealing machines is fully adjustable for different case sizes.  It is a durable case sealer that can handle "round the clock" applications and high volume production.

  • Affordable, non-painted metal surface construction
  • Easily adjusts for various case sizes
  • Low Maintenance
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