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MARSH Unicorn & Videojet Unicorn II Inkjet Printers

The MARSH Unicorn and Vidoejet Unicorn II are compact, single line, ink jet systems. Whatever your coding needs, the Unicorn systems can be programmed quickly and easily. Product names, identification numbers, automatic production counts and accurate-to-the-minute time code capabilities are available at the touch of a button. The Unicorn printer not only marks your cartons, but also provides production information vital to inventory and quality control. The Unicorn systems’ hard-working design provides outstanding reliability and unsurpassed performance. It delivers an all-in-one, low-cost solution through its high ink mileage and low maintenance requirements.

The Unicorn systems can be assembled and installed in minutes. Mounted directly to your conveyor, it includes: controller/key-pad, printhead, power pack, power cord, mounting brackets, self- pressurized ink cartridges. Simply plug it in and you're ready to print. And, reduce training time and improve operator efficiencies with built-in selectable languages and easy-to-use icon keys. Customize time and date codes, expiration dates, rollover hour and more. Menu driven programs include electronically accurate automatic date change, clock functions and consecutive counts.

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MARSH PatrionPlus Inkjet Printer

The MARSH PatrionPlus large character printing system is designed to meet your expanding needs. The advanced printer technology in this system has unique printhead flexibility that allows you to meet numerous production line applications with the versatility to print dot matrix or fully formed, high-resolution characters from one printing system.

The Marsh PatrionPlus system is easy to install and even easier to operate. A QWERTY keyboard and pop-up menus make it easy to learn, easy to operate and easy to program. This large, ergonomically-correct keyboard is simple to use and a large, easy-to-read LCD display reduces the chance of errorWhat's more, this single controller operates both the high resolution and low resolution printheads. The PatrionPlus controller's menu-driven programming comes standard in eight languages, and additional languages are available. The PatrionPlus system drives up to sixteen print- heads. Each printhead is capable of printing up to three lines of text.

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FoxJet VxJet 12x Printheads with Marksman HHI Plus Controller

Foxjet’s MK HHI Plus controller combined with the innovative VxJet 12x print head offers print heights from 1/10” up to 1/2" print with speeds, ink types and capabilities to handle a wide variety of coding applications. Designed for both case coding and primary product marking, the 12X produces a compact code with sharp definition. Built to last, the 12x print head is ruggedly made from a durable, sealed aluminum extrusion. This all-in-one unit includes one VxJet 12x print head and the easy-to-use MK HHI Plus controller. The system can print up to two lines of print at speeds up to 650 feet per minute.

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Marksman HMI Controller with VxJet 9x & 18x Print Heads

FoxJet’s VxJet system offered by Delaware Valley Packaging Group utilizes patented valve jet technology for porous and non-porous printing.The Vx printheads are available in 9 dot and 18 dot configurations for up to two inches of print per head. The controller, Marksman HMI  controller features a ruggedly designed stainless steel case with 10” touchscreen with easy-to-use interface.  Ethernet connectivity makes it easy to tie into existing infrastructures. Also, there are built in auto codes for product counts and date/time printing to make your product identification needs a breeze. 

The VxJet 9x and 18x printheads are designed to work with the Marksman HMI controller, making it the smartest valve jet printer on the market. The VxJet 9x printheads print 5/18” to 7/8” characters and the VxJet 18 5/18” to 2” characters, both up to 650 feet per minute on porous or non-porous surfaces. The VxJet printheads feature one-piece die-cast aluminum housing and an environmentally sealed printhead for challenging environments. The automatic first dot correction feature allows for optimal print quality from start-up.

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Loveshaw Microjet Inkjet Printers

Loveshaw offers a wide variety of low cost, large character inkjet coding printers through Delaware Valley Packaging Group. These machines are capable of printing on porous surfaces and include such features as automatic time and date coding, automatic pallet count and shift code change and alphanumeric incrementing to make your product identification processes simple and easy. The printers also save print parameters with each message and boast easy horizontal and vertical adjustments keeping your efficiencies in check. User friendly software comes in a choice of seven languages.

Durability is key with the Microjet printers which are self-contained in steel housing. The heavy duty mounting block and L bracket are included for simple conveyor mounting. There is a two year limited warranty on valves and a one year warranty on the unit.

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Legacy Large Character Inkjet Printers

Delaware Valley Packaging Group can help you with service, parts and inks for your older large character inkjet printers. Some models include:

  • FoxJet VxJet 7x
  • ​FoxJet Marksman Duo Controller
  • FoxJet Marksman HHI Controller
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